Certificate of Need

Hospital administrators
The Certificate of Need (CON) hospital review process has existed in Florida for over 40 years and is the direct result of a federal mandate. The mandate was lifted in the late 1980’s amid concerns about the effectiveness of such programs.
Recent data suggests that CON laws limit the supply of services, access to care, and potentially increase costs. 
15 states have since repealed CON programs entirely.

CON has traditionally prevented many hospitals from offering services such as Level II and III NICU units to care for premature and medically complex infants, and Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation services for elderly, stroke, and cardiac patients. For CON reform to be effective, full CON repeal is needed.The government should not pick winners and losers in the marketplace. CON reform creates a competitive environment, reducing costs and increasing quality as providers compete in the market. CON reform efforts in Florida should focus on repealing CON for all hospital services, including Comprehensive Medical Rehab, NICU, transplant programs and new facilities.

STATES: Florida


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